16th December 2020 – COVID19 – Update

Following the implementation of the Government’s Covid19 ‘Tier 3’ rules, regulations & restrictions for the hospitality industry – and with Havering being a Tier 3 borough – PLEASE NOTE – we regret that the RAFA Club-Romford will now be closed – until further notice.

We look forward to welcoming you all back – in, hopefully,  the not too distant future

2nd December 2020 – COVID19 – Update

As we move out of the current Government Covid19 restrictions, and into their revised ‘Tier’ rules – we want to notify you on how the RAFA Club will initially operate as from Wednesday.

With the London Borough of Havering currently designated a ‘Tier 2’ borough – summarised below are the Government’s ‘Tier 2’ rules & restrictions that will be in force at the RAFA Club from Wednesday 2nd December 2020:-

> A safe ‘pathway’ when entering and exiting the Club premises must be observed – to ensure there is no cross-over.

> Posters are displayed throughout the premises, displaying the ‘QR Code’ for those utilising the NHS Contact Tracing app. All other visitors MUST sign in providing their name & contact number for Government Covid19 ‘track & trace’ purposes.

> Face-masks to be worn AT ALL TIMES inside the Club premises – except when seated at your table.

> There will be a Table Service in place – please do not wait at the bar to be served – please remain at your table.

> Table settings & their seating are arranged in compliance with social distancing rules – and must be adhered to at all times – at no time should tables & chairs be rearranged or moved.

> Members must consume food and drink only while seated compliantly at their designated table(s).

> A process for managing attendance numbers and potential limitations will be maintained by the Club at all times.

> Hand sanitation units are installed throughout the Club premises, and should be utilised frequently.

> There will be no ‘Live’ music performed at the Club at the present time.

> The ‘Rule of 6’ will be strictly observed when socialising outside in the Club garden.

The above conditions are MANDATORY, and any failure on our part to comply with the Government’s rules & regulations, may lead to a substantial monetary fine or even closure of the Club.

**Opening Times – (as from Weds 2nd Dec):-
> Wednesday – 12 till 4pm
> Thursday – 12 till 4pm
> Friday – 12 till 4pm
> Sunday – 12 till 4pm

We fully appreciate and understand how inconvenient and frustrating all these rules & regulations can be in terms of the RAFA experience, but we would ask you to please comply, to help protect EVERYBODY at the Club – this is for everyone’s wellbeing.

5th November 2020 – COVID19 – Update

As a result of the roll-out of the most recent Government rules, regulations & restrictions in respect of managing the Covid19 virus – please note that the RAFA Club-Carlton Road-Romford will now be closed with immediate effect, until further notice. 😞

We look forward to welcoming you all back again very soon, but in the meantime – please take care, stay safe & look after one another 🙂👍

17th October 2020 – Changes to RAFA Club operations following the Government’s COVID19 rules & regulations for the hospitality industry:-

As from 17th October 2020 the Government launched its “Covid19-Tier 1/2/3′ initiative of restrictions and limitations, to help the control the rising rate of Covid19 virus.

Currently, the London Borough of Havering is assessed as being a ‘Tier 2’ borough – and as a result there are specific rules & regulations that businesses like the RAFA Club must adhere to, to ensure that we operate within a Covid19 safe environment. Failure to do so could mean a heavy monetary fine for the Club, or even full-closure.

Summarised below are some a the Government’s ‘Tier 3’ restrictions & limitations, that are applicable to the RAFA Club:-

  • People are prohibited from socialising with anybody outside their household or support bubble ‘in any indoor setting’.
  • The ‘Rule of 6’ continues to apply for socialising outdoors, for instance in a garden or public space like a park or beach.
  • Pubs, Restaurants & Club’s – must ensure that customers consume food and drink only while seated.
  • Exercise Classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors but will only be permitted indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with those they do not live with (or share a support bubble with).


28th Sept 2020 – Changes to RAFA Club operations following the Governments new COVID19 rules & regulations for the hospitality industry


A ‘COVID19-Safe’ RAFA Club