The RAF Association is established to promote, through the comradeship engendered by its members, the welfare by charitable means of all serving and former members of our Air Forces, their spouses and dependants, together with the widows and dependents of those who died whilst serving or subsequently.

Royal Airforce Assoc. has been active in Romford since 1945 and their Romford Branch has been based in Carlton Road since the early 1950’s. It is supported by a well-established social club which helps to raise funds for the association.

The current RAFA Club building was originally built in 1881 as a Town House for a Surgeon, it was called Carlton House, from which Carlton Road was named.


You will already be aware that, due to the Covid19 virus pandemic, the RAFA Club in Carlton Road has been closed since 20th March 2020.

You may also be aware that the Government has recently announced a series of measures to take effect from Saturday 4th July to ease the current ‘lockdown’ in England.

From the 4th July 2020 pubs, clubs & restaurants in England will be allowed to re-open, but with certain restrictions and operating rules.

The RAFA Club will be bound by, not only Government guidelines, but also the rules set by the RAFA HQ.

For example – the following are just some of the operational measures that the RAFA will need to have in place before it can open again:-

  • A safe ‘pathway’ when entering and exiting the Club premises – to ensure there is no cross-over.
  • A robust system for ordering and collecting drinks etc
  • A process for managing attendance numbers and potential limitations
  • Social distancing measures
  • A process for the safe operation of toilet facilities
  • A robust deep-clean process for the toilet facilities in between Club opening sessions
  • The installation of hand sanitation units
  • Regular sanitation of the Club’s fixtures & fittings, both internally and externally
  • A process for recording the contact details of people entering the Club at any one session – for potential Covid19 ‘track & trace’ purposes
  • A review of Club opening hours
  • Measures to ensure safety of staff

The operation of all these and other measures will need to be in place and thoroughly tested before a firm re-opening date can be announced.

Also, when the Club does eventually re-open, there will be no ‘live’ music or karaoke events allowed. The Government has specifically ruled on this issue.

We are sure that you will fully appreciate and agree that the safety, health and protection of our Club members, any visitors and our Staff are of paramount importance, particular those that may be in a higher risk category.

We will of course, keep you fully informed of developments, and although the RAFA experience will most definitely be different than before, we do look forward to a time when we can welcome you back again to the Club.

The RAFA Club serves up extremely tasty home cooked lunches every Wednesday / Thursday / Friday – between 12:00 to 2:30pm.

Each week we provide a varied menu, that can include old style home-cooking favourites such as:-

*Beef Stew & Dumplings

*Chicken Roast


*Fish Pie

*Chicken Stew & Dumplings

*Sea Bass


*Ham, Egg & Chips

*Liver & Bacon

*Scampi & Chips & Salad


plus many more delights

Then – for dessert, you can choose from the following selection of favourites:-

*Apple Studel

*Jam Roly Poly

*Fruit Crumble

*Sticky Toffee Pudding

*Apple Pie


*Ice Cream

All of the above for the ridiculous cost of only £5 per dinner & £2 per dessert.

So why not pop by one lunch time and enjoy some dinner with us – you certainly wont be disappointed & we’d love to see you.