‘COVID19’ – & how the RAFA Club are operating safely throughout the pandemic

17th October 2020 – Changes to RAFA Club operations following the Government’s COVID19 rules & regulations for the hospitality industry:-

As from 17th October 2020 the Government launched its “Covid19-Tier 1/2/3′ initiative of restrictions and limitations, to help the control the rising rate of Covid19 virus.

Currently, the London Borough of Havering is assessed as being a ‘Tier 2’ borough – and as a result there are specific rules & regulations that businesses like the RAFA Club must adhere to, to ensure that we operate within a Covid19 safe environment. Failure to do so could mean a heavy monetary fine for the Club, or even full-closure.

Summarised below are some a the Government’s ‘Tier 3’ restrictions & limitations, that are applicable to the RAFA Club:-

  • People are prohibited from socialising with anybody outside their household or support bubble ‘in any indoor setting’.
  • The ‘Rule of 6’ continues to apply for socialising outdoors, for instance in a garden or public space like a park or beach.
  • Pubs, Restaurants & Club’s – must ensure that customers consume food and drink only while seated.
  • Exercise Classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors but will only be permitted indoors if it is possible for people to avoid mixing with those they do not live with (or share a support bubble with).


28th Sept 2020 – Changes to RAFA Club operations following the Governments new COVID19 rules & regulations for the hospitality industry


A ‘COVID19-Safe’ RAFA Club


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‘Weekday Lunches’ – down at the RAFA Club

Another weekly activity here at the RAFA Club, that is becoming more & more popular, are our ‘Weekday Lunches’ that we serve-up every Weds/Thurs/Fri between 12-2:30pm.

Ok – it may not be the Ritz or the Savoy or the Ivy – but for just £5 a dinner and £2 a pudding, we doubt you’d get better value anywhere else – and the food on offer is real old-school type home cooking

So if you fancy a break from the oven this week, then why not simply pop down to the RAFA Club and enjoy a spot of lunch with us.

Non-club members, always welcomed

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‘Havering Crib League’ – at the RAFA Club

One of the facts about the RAFA Club that a lot of folk might not be aware of, is that it is one of the main venues for the weekly “Havering Crib League” .

For anyone who may be interested in joining the ‘Crib League’ or may know someone who might be interested – then simply contact ‘Dave Walker’ via the email address:- haveringcrib@hotmail.co.uk – and Dave will be delighted to provide further details of the League and its many clubs, plus contact numbers etc.

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“Afternoon Tea” – down at the RAFA Club


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Halloween at the RAFA – 2019

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Entertainment – down at the RAFA CLUB

**UPDATE** (Sept 24th 2020)

Changes to RAFA Club operating rules & regulations following the Government’s recent COVID19 legal requirements for the hospitality industry

Sunday 13th September 2020

The RAFA Club were delighted to host a 2nd Covid-safe outdoor event by regular Club entertainer “Gary Benjafield” & his Band – in a socially distanced RAFA Garden 

August 24th & September 7th

The RAFA Club are proud to have hosted 2 successful events for the local “Stroke Association” here at our Covid-safe premises. So good to see so many folk enjoying themselves.

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Regular RAFA Club entertainer ‘Gary Benjafield’ played a specially arranged one-off open-air gig for some of his fan-club members – hosted in a Covid safe RAFA Club garden

A ‘Covid-Safe’ RAFA CLUB – August 2020

The COVID19 Pandemic ‘Lockdown’ – March 2020

Saturday 14th March 2020

the ‘Juke Box Stars’ play the RAFA Club

February 29th 2020 

“Elf Azzard” – Rocking the RAFA Club 


Sunday 16th February 2020 

“Susie M” entertains us at the RAFA Club

Sunday 16th February

“Debbie & Joanne” perform their musical tribute to the late great ‘Karen Carpenter’ & ‘Eva Cassidy’

8th February 2020

“Waynes World” at the RAFA Club 

Friday 31st January 2020 –

‘Cliff Jones’ debuts at the RAFA Club

Saturday 25th January 2020

The RAFA CLUB welcomes back the brilliant “Frankie Dean”

Saturday 23rd January 2020

Gary Benjafield performs at the RAFA Club

Saturday 11th January

“Spinning Wheel” play the RAFA Club

New Years Eve at the RAFA Club – 2019

Christmas Eve at the RAFA Club – 2019

Saturday 21st December 2019 – “Elf Azzard” – ‘Rock the RAFA’


Friday 20th December 2019 – see’s the return of the brilliant “Waynes World” to the RAFA C;ub

Saturday 14th December 2020 – the amazing Carly Hillman ‘Live’ at the RAFA Club


30th November 2019 – the amazing “Delvis” rocking the RAFA Club

Saturday 23rd November 2019 – The amazing “John Carr” debuts at the RAFA Club

Remembrance Sunday 10th November 2019 – see’s a lunchtime welcome to the wonderful “Debbie Rae”

Saturday 9th November – “Me & I’m” play the RAFA Club

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Inside the RAFA Club


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Karaoke Tuesday’s-down at the RAFA Club





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Club “Open Day” – August 2019


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