Entertainment – down at the RAFA CLUB

Sunday 23rd August 2020 – Regular RAFA Club entertainer ‘Gary Benjafield’ played a specially arranged one-off open-air gig for some of his fan-club members – hosted in a Covid safe RAFA Club garden

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‘Weekday Lunches’ – down at the RAFA Club

Another weekly activity here at the RAFA Club, that is becoming more & more popular, are our ‘Weekday Lunches’ that we serve-up every Weds/Thurs/Fri between 12-2:30pm.

Ok – it may not be the Ritz or the Savoy or the Ivy – but for just £5 a dinner and £2 a pudding, we doubt you’d get better value anywhere else – and the food on offer is real old-school type home cooking

So if you fancy a break from the oven this week, then why not simply pop down to the RAFA Club and enjoy a spot of lunch with us.

Non-club members, always welcomed

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‘Havering Crib League’ – at the RAFA Club

One of the facts about the RAFA Club that a lot of folk might not be aware of, is that it is one of the main venues for the weekly “Havering Crib League” .

For anyone who may be interested in joining the ‘Crib League’ or may know someone who might be interested – then simply contact ‘Dave Walker’ via the email address:- – and Dave will be delighted to provide further details of the League and its many clubs, plus contact numbers etc.

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“Afternoon Tea” – down at the RAFA Club


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Halloween at the RAFA – 2019

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Inside the RAFA Club


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Karaoke Tuesday’s-down at the RAFA Club





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Club “Open Day” – August 2019


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